Day 13 – and scribd fell out of the rank…

Day 13 – and scribd fell out of the rankings again. No surprise there then. My main site is 530 broad and 136 phrase match. Too soon to be disappointed by those numbers.
There was a good reason why my Traffic-bug wasn’t doing much, an email to Michael revealed that, like all the first accounts created, it was ‘broken’! Should be fixed today. Ah well.
Onward and upward, new post on blog yesterday, Scribd, Hub and Squid all done & added to TB & Rank Checker.
So I can have a break till the new training comes out around 2. Goodness knows how people do this and work a day job! I watched the commuters coming off the train last night and felt so sorry for them. They looked so stressed and harassed. I might not be earning a fortune, yet, but I’m doing OK and I do enjoy life :-)

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