Rewind and Repeat. Back researching nic…

Rewind and Repeat.
Back researching niches after a 2nd look at the urls in the matrix for my 1st my choice. They nearly all turn out to be authority sites for a much bigger market level key phrase closely related to mine. After hours looking for a niche and jumped too fast. Live and hopefully learn :-) I’ll not totally abandon it of course. It might make me a little money in the end (either through affiliate sales or more likely adsense) I realise now that getting it on to the front page of google would take months not weeks.
I’m being more careful this time. Trying for slow, steady and dispassionate. I’ve identified a niche I’m interested in and I’m examining it really closely. I’ve noticed that although the grids and other figures look possible many of the key phrase domain names and their variants have been bought up. They are either re-directing or just coming up as ‘no name server’. They are not even parked. I think this is a bad sign and might tell me something about the competitiveness of the niche.

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