Ok so now I have, ooh, 14 niche ideas. I…

Ok so now I have, ooh, 14 niche ideas. I know he said 7 but I’ve played this game before and the more you have at the start the easier it is. There have been some interesting suggestions for where to find good niches on twitter. My favourites so far have been dummies.com (http://www.dummies.com/store.html) and a more internalized one.
I think it’s important this year to pick ideas that I’m really interested in, especially as Ed is talking about market leadership etc. Anyway, last year I chose one niche that didn’t interest me much and it was a bit of a disaster. Mostly as I got bored stiff with writing about it. Lesson learned!
So this year I sat down and looked at a list of 20 things I like to do, or would like to be able to do, that I’d made for a Wishcraft book exercise & used them as a starting point.

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Ok here goes 7 ideas for niche markets -…

Ok here goes 7 ideas for niche markets – no pre-judging!

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Oh joy :-) P2 theme is available for wor…

Oh joy :-) P2 theme is available for wordpress.com. I’m a happy bunny

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A whole year later! OMG!

Here we go again folks! It’s that old 4 part symphony again.

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Too much judging – already!

Pish – no seismic videos in WordPress.com when posting direct from flock :( Never mind. Basically what was here was Ed doing his Kitchen Video thing saying “DON’T judge your ideas yet” Keep it simple!

I fell right into the first trap without even trying LOL!  Luckily I didn’t trash all the other ideas I had so they were still in VoodooPad and I could retrieve them.
Anyway I have my ideas, 5 shared with my team and 28 or so spare ones :-)

Waiting for the awesomeness to continue with the release of Market Samurai…

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Day One 2008 Thirty Day Challenge

So here I am back in the attic posting my Day 1 reflections.
I watched the videos and thought the Symphony of 4 parts was great. I loved the legal pad graphic, simple but perfect visualisation there. It spoke to me :-)
I did as I was told, selected 5 or 6 of my niche ideas and subscribed to google alerts and feeds for them. I didn’t need to do that for my current stuff as it’s already done.
I’m a bit dubious about my niches but we’re not judging. We’re going to let the numbers do that for us.
I just chose the ones I was most interested in, which is such a relief after  ending up with boring ones last year! I simply wouldn’t do that again. 
My plan is to work with a couple of ideas related to my current niches and try to find a totally new one as well.
My current stuff is UK market focussed so I’m going to aim for a US market for the new one. Exciting eh?

Not sure if I’ll stick with Flock, I might revert to Camino. Blogging from here is OK but I like Mars Edits too much.
Using tweetdeck to set up a 30 DC group seems the way to go for me so that’s done
All done and dusted find me at lindiop
Also joined the  30 DC for the UK Room

I’ve joined one Uk ish one that’s using a bulletin board and one that seems to be dormant for now. We’ll see.
I’ve also found the Digital Natives  a team of home schoolers who are an interesting bunch.

Time for salad making, laters folks

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Escape from Spamalot

Yesterday I decided to move this blog away from all the nasty spam that has grown up in the un-cared for 30 Day Challenge Blog WordPress Multi-user site. If I were them I’d probably nuke the whole thing. They never tended it much anyway. I’m not sure they really ‘got’ the whole idea of a blogging learning community and forgot what the point of the blogs were. This strikes me as typical of the whole thing, to be honest. At least they never got round to having a wiki. 

Here on WordPress the blog will be safe, as I’ve no intentions of monetising it directly anyway. 


I’m looking round for a cool, spidery avatar and other atticy (is that a word?) bits and bobs to personalise this space and identity before the Challenge gets going. 


I’ve not had any luck with teams yet. One rejected me for being female! I was so surprised I just accepted it. Neanderthals! Actually that’s an insult to what is obviously a superior species!

Still trying but I do wonder if it’s worth the effort. Last year’s were a dead loss mostly, with at least one member of my so called team refusing to socially post my stuff because my niche ‘wasn’t cool enough’ for her. Oh yes, and waiting till I’d done hers before revealing this.



Sheesh I think I’ll stick to arachnids – maybe I can find a team of spiders doing the Challenge :-)

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Yawn, stretch, it is nearly that time again

Pre-season 30 Day Challenge 2008 has started, ideas are floating round, and I’m looking for a team.

Last year – I made my $10 dollars from the Challenge in the first week of September and watched it dwindle away again but hey no probs :-)

By the end of November I was making money from a couple of other sites  we used the 30 Day techniques to establish.  Now my partner and I are building up a good quality authority site for one  niche and I have another couple of niches I work on on my own.

Looking forward to this year’s challenge and learning lots more. The key for me is to take what I learn here and adapt it to my situation.

I’m not a newbie anymore and this sure isn’t Kansas!

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More learning, tired now.

So rather than rush off and put everything I’ve got so far into a blog I decided to be a bit more experimental. I had a good look at ezine articles. Not as straight-forward as I had first imagined.

I did manage to find some quite detailed guidelines about how to write them, what makes a good one and what not to do. Most of this came via the ezine blog. This has to be essential reading. The guide tells you exactly what makes a good article in their terms, exactly what they think is good content. So that’s helpful.

I also found out from the ezine terms and conditions that you mustn’t link to your affiliate scheme anywhere in your article. Not even in the resource box. You can link to your web site, blog, squidoo or whatever there but not your affiliate. Niet. Nada. So I won’t do that then! I think Rob could have made that a bit clearer in the video.

Finally I signed up for and had a good look round Squidoo. I read lots of lenses on all sorts of topics to get a feel for what needs to go there.  So tomorrow is a big writing day. Blogger, Squidoo and Ezine. Three focussed and quite different articles.

Blogger gets 4 or 5 of the shorter more topical blog posts re-worked from tumblr, Squidoo gets some sort of longer article listing article probably with images and Ezine gets something more detailed. Phew!

Too tired to do any more now….what a day!

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Content writing

Whilst all around rages chaos I’ve just spent a happy hour writing my 3 articles. Smug or what? :-) Just goes to show if you read enough about any subject you can get interested! Powerful learning technique, immersion. How could I have forgotten that?

I’ve abandoned the whole Bloglines/ googlenotebook/docs idea. Just too clunky and too far from my practice. I gave up on Bloglines a few years ago becuase it drove me nuts. Why did I think that had changed? I returned to my old faithful NetNewsWire and set up a host of feeds for obscure topic related blogs. Trust me these blogs are so obscure google doesn’t even know they exist. Thank you wordpress.com tag surfer and Technorati search! Then I used the ‘post to VoodooPad’ short cut (shift/apple/;)when I hit stories that took my interest and wrote my 2- 300 words on each.  1000 words or so later I stopped because I’ve got cold toes.  :-)

Pay it Back

Oh and then I used social poster to post some of them (the original stories not mine) to relevant sites (mostly reddit, newscape, indianpad and stumbleupon) thus building my own reputation for the subject on these sites. I didn’t use del.icio.us as I use that a lot professionally and I didn’t want to confuse my network :-)

Just waiting now to see what’s in store for us today…

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